Zoos: people who are attracted to animals

Pedo/ pedophile: adults who are attracted to minors

Pro-shippers: people who enjoy shipping characters/ relationships that are illegal and harmful

Anti-mogai: people who are against Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignments, and Intersex (Mogai)

Boyfriends fans: people who enjoy the WEBTOON Boyfriends. Boyfriends promotes non-consensual sexual acts, has very poor representation of every group in it, the creator has made nsfw art of real minors, and basically the whole fandom is just fujoshis

“Quasi-homosexuals”: they are people (often women) who are straight but are attracted to gay (usually mlm) people and relationships 

Homophobes: people who hate or have some sort of aversion to gay people

Transphobes: people who hate or have some sort of aversion to trans people 

Fujoshis: non men who are attracted to gay men and mlm relationships 

Fetrah: people who believe in traditional “family values” and that homosexuality is unnatural